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About My Work

I have been a professional licensed massage practitioner since 1996. My sessions usually last for 1-1/2 hours (90 minutes), and take place at my private office. I use a mix of traditional and alternative bodywork techniques learned and perfected over the past ten and more years, plus whatever new techniques I am learning or discovering (when appropriate.)

I am most interestedh arb undulating leaf in using my skills to help my clients to feel better. This means I want to find out what is causing your pain or discomfort, I want you to be able to move freely and comfortably, and to feel good about living in your body. I will use whatever techniques and knowledge will help us to meet that goal. With over a decade of professional massage experience I have found that I and my clients get the best, most sustainable results by looking for the root of the problem and (as much as possible), by treating the causes rather than just the symptoms, using a mix of techniques and modalities to fit each case.

I use a very precise, sensitive and caring touch, and I have a talent for going to exactly the right place — the spot that “hurts so good”, the knot that can untie the whole muscle, the place that just needs a gentle moment of attention.

I also listen — I listen to what my clients say to me about their discomfort, their preferences as to pressure, heat, massage style; to the reactions of their body (flinching, relaxing) and to the feel of their tissue; to how the last session affected them; to their ideas and experiences with the therapy. Having listened, I then try to be responsive to what I have heard. I also enjoy being able to dispel some of the mysteries of the problem, explaining what was going on, what we are doing to change it, what you can do at home. If you are interested in looking at pictures of the anatomy involved, I love to show them to you, since that often makes it much easier for you to retrain bad habits or pinpoint what might be wrong.

I am a problem solver by nature, and I am also highly intuitive — I am more interested in getting results than in following a given protocol. I have learned to trust my hands and the results. It is also very important to me to work with the body’s natural healing processes. If I can give the body a nudge towards healing and guide it rather than force it, the results are usually more thorough, longer lasting, and more easily repeated.

I have helped people with back pain (upper, lower or mid back pain), neck pain, headaches, sinus problems, knee and hip problems, swellings, edema, post surgical recovery, hand/wrist/arm pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities, and general or mysterious miscellaneous aches and pains. For some reason, I have especially good luck with unhappy feet.

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