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About the Frogs



So, what’s with all the frogs and what do they have tofrog cup do with massage?

All of the frogs shown here are of the genus “hyla”. My name is an Americanization of “Chaya”, which comes from the Hebrew word for “life”. Not long after I was born and named, there was a photo spread in some big magazine about these slimy, sticky-toed, googly eyed, goofy little hyla frogs. Instantly deciding to make lemons into lemonade, my mother began collecting frogs for me.

Frogs symbolize different things in many cultures–healing, transformation/transition/metamorphosis/rebirth (because of the way the tadpoles turn into frogs), cleansing hyla swims(because of their association with water and cleansing rains), purity, and sensitivity. They are also indicators of the health of an ecosystem–if the water is bad or the temperature is wrong, the frogs cannot survive, and so the sound of peepers is a sign that all is well.

Robert Frost wrote the poem “Hyla Brook” about spring peepers.


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