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What Happens During A Session

One of my clients describes my sessions like this: “Well, you’ll lie down on the table with your clothes on, and she’ll pull on your feet and tell you everything that is happening in your body, and then she’ll put her hands someplace and hold them there while she explains what is happening there, she’ll talk to your body parts and tell you what they are saying, and maybe you’ll feel something change or maybe not, and then you’ll get up off the table, and you won’t be in pain anymore”. I have other clients who say “It’s magic, that’s all”.

For most sessions, you will keep your clothes on, so it is best to wear stretchy comfortable clothes to a session. (We keep clean, large stretchy clothes in the office if needed). For some lymph work, especially with lymphedema, I will ask you to undress so that I can work directly on the skin to feel the lymph more accurately. We may also decide on a more traditional session with oil, or there may be other times during treatment when I need access to the skin. In such cases, I will always leave the room while you undress, and you will be covered (draped) with a sheet.

I try to keep the office at 70 degrees year round, although it may get a bit warmer in summer. There are blankets on hand if necessary.

The first session you’ll fill out a form giving me your information and we will talk about your reasons for coming in, what you hope to get out of the session, the history of your pain, injury or condition, and what you particularly like or dislike if you have such preferences.

We will talk at the beginning of the session about what you are looking for that day and what we might want to work on, then you will lie on your back on the table while I do an assessment, looking for fascial restrictions, fluid restrictions, areas of the body that seem to need attention in some way. I will always base the treatment plan on what I learn from the assessment, even if it does not seem to “make sense” based on your complaints or symptoms.

Some part of your body or some system will usually present itself as “most important for now”. I’ll make this decision based on what you have said, what my hands feel, how your body reacts to my touch, and my experience with similar cases. Sometimes we will talk for a lot of the session, sometimes we will be entirely silent. Sometimes it will be very relaxing, sometimes it will be very uncomfortable. We will usually check in several times during the session to see if things are getting better, worse, or have changed in any way. If you have questions about what you are feeling or what I am doing, we will discuss them. You should leave the session feeling better than when you came in, and usually will feel much better.

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